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A Most Excellent Cookbook

    Recipes and reminiscences abound in What's Cookin' With the Democrats: a Family History in Food of the Albany County Democrats. This 175 - page collection of recipes, photos, anecdotes, advice (some very tongue - in - cheek), memories and reflections transcends the boundaries of the average cookbook, according to editor Kristin F. Smith. "We had three criteria for the book," she notes. "First, good recipes; and we've certainly got that. The Albany County Democrats boast some of the finest cooks around, and this book

a highly amusing cartoon

is guaranteed to put ten pounds on anybody.
    Secondly, we wanted a good read. Even people who don't cook will enjoy this book; they can read through it like a collection of short stories. Some of the stories are very funny, some poignant. Some give great insights into politics. We begin each chapter with a little essay combining politics and food., and it just flows on from there. "
    Thirdly, says Smith," we wanted to inform. Not in a textbook sort of way - nothing dull! - but the reader comes away knowing a good deal about the Albany County Democrats, past and present, and a bit about the state and national Party as well. We're particularly proud of a chapter called "Guest Recipes." It includes recipes sent us by Senators, Members of Congress, and Governors from around the region, as well as prominent Wyoming Democrats. Past Wyoming political greats are in there, as is every Democratic President of this century (they all visited Wyoming.) So, you can cook up a pot of Harry Truman's  Cream of Almond soup and read about the time he spoke on the UW campus. It's great!"
    Nor have aesthetics been overlooked. Each chapter divider features an original line drawing by professional artist Starlett Curry Painter. The drawings give a comic (and fairly accurate!) overview of life in the Albany County Democrats. For those who enjoy putting faces to the names they've been reading about, photographs throughout the book depict a quarter century of local Democratic events and personalities. "You don't have to be from around here to feel you know these people," says Smith. "Read the book, and they'll be like friends and family."

    There! Doesn't that sound just wonderful?
    You'd better get yourself at least three copies right away! Here are the specifics and ordering information:
    You get:

Heading out for the Democratic bake sale.

  • 175 pages; high-quality paper
  • Laminated covers; spiral binding
  • 16 photographs
  • Eight original line drawings by artist Starlett Curry Painter
  • 277 great recipes from some of the best cooks around
  • And a great read to boot


Albany County Democrats
POB  782
Laramie, WY. 82073

    Gift wrapped, $1.00 extra.  Please make checks payable to Albany County Democrats. Books are available locally for $10.00 from members of the central committee and at selected local stores.

The SPIN Room (a now-defunct nightly half hour on CNN which was a lot of fun for those who love politics) featured our Cookbook on one episode Here is the CNN transcript (January 25th, 2001):
PRESS: Uh-oh. Oh, speaking of gifts...
CARLSON: Speaking of gifts, in the interest of full disclosure, we got a gift. It's the "What's Cooking with the Democrats Cookbook." It's actually a question I often wonder. What is cooking with the Democrats?
PRESS: What is cooking with the Democrats?
CARLSON: This comes from Kristin F. Smith of Laramie, Wyoming.
PRESS: This is the Albany County, Wisconsin.
CARLSON: Wyoming. No, I would say Wyoming. It borders Wisconsin. We can talk about it.
PRESS: I think it's Wisconsin, Tucker.
CARLSON: I'm fairly certain it's Wyoming. I know a lot about (INAUDIBLE). Anyway, it has Hillary Clinton's chocolate chip cookies. Drop batter by well rounded teaspoons onto greased baking sheets. Cook for 10 minutes until golden brown. Cool cookies on a wire rack for two minutes.
I can just picture...
PRESS: And with it comes this little book mark that says "Proud to be an Albany County cooking Democrat." And you're right. It is Wyoming. And I just want to point out that this is the first -- we're going to consider this the first of our Valentine's Day gifts. Valentine's Day is coming up.
CARLSON: Yes it is.
PRESS: And, of course, Tucker, we will be out there soliciting every gift we can.

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